MEF Round 37 Grants – May, 2021

Round 37 Grants – May, 2021

  1. SEL is Essential
    SEL is Essential will use the books and yoga techniques to enhance the social emotional learning curriculum for our kindergarten students. Through the use of read aloud books, yoga movements, and our PATHS curriculum, we plan to teach our students how to interact with their peers and deal with their emotions. We will be doing daily story readings, self-checks, and yoga activities incorporated into the PATHS lessons to help teach basic life skills.
    Stacie Anderson, Wood Elementary School, Grade K, 60 students, $717.00

  2. Zone Regulation – SEL
    The project Zone Regulation will provide materials for our students at Fieler Elementary to manage emotional stress that occurs in the classroom. These items will be used to decrease anxiety, unwanted negative behaviors, and provide a better ability to focus on learning academics in the classroom. In addition, this will give our teachers the tools to help the students regulate their emotions, creating a more positive atmosphere where students and teachers alike can focus on mastering skills for academics, leading to better test scores for the classroom and state standardized testing.
    Michelle Curry, Fieler Elementary School, Special Ed/General Ed Grades K-4, 300 students, $700.00

  3. Mountain Language and Mountain Math Sets
    Because the brain learns better with repetition, third grade teachers at Fieler would like to use Mountain Language and Mountain Math for spiral review in grammar and math standards. Each week students will build on their mastery of standards and retention of skills taught throughout the year. The purpose of these materials is to provide students with the opportunity to review and/or learn the standards presented in a quick efficient manner to boost standardized test scores and overall academic performance.
    Debbie Czazasty, Fieler Elementary School, Grade 3, 100 students, $671.65

  4. Making Vision and Designs into Realities
    Making vision and designs into reality with 3D printing. 3D printing technology is a powerful learning tool that can involve students in active learning, design thinking, and problem solving. It creates opportunities for integrating science, engineering, technology and mathematics with other disciplines. Through the funding of this grant, students will be active and engaged participants through the conception, design, and execution of their projects and interacting with the 3D printer and the teacher.
    Joy Kent/Angela Wells, Merrillville Intermediate School, Grade 5, 150 students, $309.99

  5. I See “Me” When I Read
    The “I See ‘Me’ When I Read” program will teach students to take pride in their culture and extend their love of reading. Through this project students will build their own home library with culturally diverse books with characters and content that they can make connections with as well as learn of other cultures. With collaboration with our library media staff, our classroom teachers, principal read-alouds, as well as guest readers across the country (Read Across America 2021 initiative), our students will love reading while increasing their own literacy skills.
    Jennifer Griffith, Miller Elementary School, Grades Pre-K – 4, 300 students, $315.45

  6. Dynamic Dynamath
    DynaMath is a colorful, interesting magazine that supplements teachers’ direct instruction. The purpose of this additional material will give educators another way to keep students engaged through small group, whole group, and even individualized, independent instruction. The variety of activities outlined above will engage and encourage students of all abilities. Our students have really enjoyed these magazines this year and have greatly benefited from them. They love the articles and the resources such as the interactive games that are available with each edition that supplement their learning in the classroom.
    Morgan Vlassopoulos, Wood/Miller Elementary Schools, Grade 4, 93 students, $691.90

  7. Inclusion Dance
    FCCLA Inclusion Dance is very beneficial to many people. The Inclusion Dance is held for special needs students from seven local schools. This dance helps these students by allowing them to interact with other teens. It makes them feel special because they have a school activity created just for them. There is no cost to the special needs students and young adults to attend the dance. We have learned that some live in group homes and are from low income families. We do not want any special needs student or young adult to be excluded from this activity because they could not afford to come. The Inclusion Dance does not only benefit the special needs students. When FCCLA members see these students interact, it gives them a new respect for these students. They realize that special needs students aren’t different from any other teenager – they just have some special needs.
    Carol von Behren, Merrillville High School, Grades 9-12, 265 students, $500.00


TOTAL ROUND 37 GRANTS:  $3,905.99

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