MEF Round 39 Grants – May, 2022

Round 39 Grants – May, 2022

  1. DrumFIT
    The DrumFIT program and video curriculum is a great opportunity to bring modern technology and activity into the Physical Education classroom through a web-based video program. They can be projected onto the gymnasium wall, and the children will be able to follow along to energetic songs that are provided by a trained instructor. There is an extensive library with activities added monthly. The DrumFIT program includes dance, drumming and cardio routines and can also be used with just the stability ball to go into lessons for flexibility, stretching, upper body, lower body and core strengthening. DrumFit could be used as a full 20-25-minute lesson, or it can be used as a class warmup/ introduction into a variety of other Physical Education activities. The equipment is very durable and will be able to benefit not only the students at Salk Elementary now but also the ones that are coming in the future.
    Ladd Downham, Salk Elementary School Grades K-4, 600 students, $1,000.00

  2. Get The Wiggles Out
    Incoming Kindergarten students are having difficulties sitting still, focusing, following directions, listening to adults and getting along with others. The purpose of this project is to allow teachers to help those students who exhibit ADHD tendencies and struggle with these essential classroom behaviors. A student that is engaged has a better chance of reaching his/her full potential. Some students need help when they struggle to engage, and the items purchased through this grant can help them get engaged and stay engaged. Helping those students stay focused by allowing them to fidget in their seats will lead to success in the classroom.
    Nancy Fleming & Miller Kindergarten Teachers, Miller Elementary School Grade K, 60 students, $369.26

  3. Kindergarten Story Retelling and Enactment
    The Kindergarten Story Retelling and Reenactment grant will include characters and props from children’s stories, such as Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Snowy Day, The Kissing Hand and more, using felt characters and a storyboard. Students will be able to use these retelling kits during whole group, small group and independent time to retell stories, sequence events, talk about the characters, etc. The kits give students hands on activities which are essential for kindergarten.
    Michelle Frey and Nicole Olson, Fieler Elementary School Grade K, 40 students, $526.64

  4. Recess is FUNdamental!
    Recess is extremely important in the development of children because it helps them grow socially, emotionally, physically, and yes, academically, as it leads to more on-task behavior and longer attention spans. We plan to use any grant money received to purchase materials to help restructure our outdoor and indoor recess time when we are unable to utilize our playground. Our staff plans to paint several games and play areas on the blacktop in the back and on the side of the building that can all be used to create a more structured recess environment. We also plan to use part of the funds to purchase equipment such as balls, hula hoops, and quick easy games that can be played in a short period. We hope that you will consider funding our project so our students can reach their full potential.
    Morgan Vlassopoulos and Wood Staff, Wood Elementary School, Grades K-4, 325 students, $1,500.00

  5. Math Facts Are Essential for Success
    Having classroom sets of flashcards will help reinforce root memorization of math facts which are essential for academic success in higher level math skills. Being able to have sets of multiplication and division cards encourages educational success thus leading to greater self-esteem and self-worth. Having a simple tool like flashcards can make all the difference in a child’s academic success and personal achievement.
    Dawn Wojkovich, Merrillville Intermediate School, Grade 5, 50 students, $363.60


TOTAL ROUND 39 GRANTS:  $3,759.50

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