MEF Round 41 Grants – May, 2023

Round 41 Grants – May, 2023

  1. Clear and Concise Audio for Increased Spanish Proficiency
    The purpose of this project is for students to access individual learning pace and to record voice submissions that are clear and concise. In order to do this, quality headphones are required and needed. Students will also be able to explore videos from all over the world through Ed Puzzles as well as other specific videos of recipes, current events, tutorials, music videos, documentaries, videos of the homes of the rich and famous, and many more. They will also have simulated conversations and record clear and concise presentations and simulated conversations for assessments.
    Monica DaCostaGomez, Merrillville High School, Grades 10-12, 175 students, $651.53

  2. Mountain Language and Mountain Math Sets
    Research shows that students minds learn better with repetition. All teachers at Fieler would like to use Mountain Language and Mountain Math for spiral review in grammar and math standard. Each week students will build on their mastery of standards and retention of skills taught throughout the year. The purpose of these materials is to provide students with the opportunity to review and/or learn the standards presented in a quick efficient manner to boost standardized test scores and overall academic performance.
    Amy Hinkel, Fieler Elementary School, Grades K, 1, 2 & 4 (already implemented for Grade 3), 355-370 students, $1,919.20

  3. Rocket Math Online
    Third grade at Fieler Elementary would like to purchase a subscription to Rocket Math Online for the 2023-2024 school year. This program would allow for students to do races to practice their math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). This is a program that is adaptable, data-driven, and most importantly provides the students with a sense of accomplishment. We are requesting online rather than paper/pencil as paper is often limited at our school and not available for extra programs.
    Jacqueline Hoots, Fieler Elementary School, Grade 3, 80-100 students, $300.00

  4. Robotics Team Control Hub and Driver Hub Purchase
    The Merrillville High School Robotics Team is in need of purchasing new hubs for the program. These hubs are the key components to the operation and function of the robot. They replace the old control hub and driver hub that is necessary for the robot to have power and to be controlled remotely. They will be used every season in the assembly and programming of the robot for team competitions. This grant will also help in the process of design and testing the robotic functions throughout the season using these hubs.
    Joseph Hussey, Merrillville High School, Grades 9-12, 15 students, $695.00

  5. Educating the Whole Child
    Salk School wishes to allow students who receive a lunch or recess detention the ability to exert some energy in a physical activity. They would be separated away from the other students and yet fulfill their consequence while getting exercise. This would be done using a variety of materials that promote activity—jump ropes, hula hoops, foam ball set, and swing ball sets. This grant focuses on the whole child by allowing them an outlet to release energy, complete their consequence, and then be ready to return to the classroom ready to learn.
    Nick Petralia, Salk Elementary School, Grades K-4, 550 students, $350.00

  6. Science Fever: Fail, Learn, Repeat
    Science, technology, and math require critical thinking skills that all students need to learn for the future. We hope to bring them along this journey with the use of a hands-on science lab and Makerspace. A Makerspace is a collaborative space where the students come together to design, create, and build items of their own creation using inquiry-based learning. This grant will allow the students to grow academically and develop the confidence to become leaders in their community.
    Morgan Vlassopoulos, John Wood Elementary School, Grades K-4, 325-350 students, $650.00

TOTAL ROUND 41 GRANTS:  $4,565.73

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