MEF Round 43 Grants – April, 2024

Round 43 Grants – April, 2024

  1. Big Scissors for Big Kids
    Scissors for Seniors. We will use these adult size scissors to cut out many different activities in Anatomy and Physiology as well as Biomedical Classes. From restriction enzymes to paper models of different skeletal features. There are hundreds of uses! We just need big scissors to fit my adult (HS student) hands and bins to control the organization of multiple labs/projects daily.
    Heather Oaks, Merrillville High School, Grades 10-12, 150 students, Heather Oaks, $150.00

  2. Classkick Renewal
    Classkick is an interactive web-based application that supports teacher creativity, classroom feedback, and availability anywhere. The students are currently benefiting from this app daily. The teachers are using the app to help students with IRead and ILearn prep, which is, of course, a benefit to the students during the testing season. The students also benefit by using an app that allows for creativity in lesson development and student use. A teacher has more creative avenues available in developing lessons because of Classkick. Renewing Classkick is critical for continuing what is working for the staff and students.
    Kevin Kerr, Salk Elementary School, Grades K-4, 591 students, $1067.86

  3. MHS Fall Play
    The annual MHS Fall Play provides students with multiple opportunities to engage with the performing arts. Whether as performers, designers, or stage crew, MHS students will have firsthand experience of what it takes to bring a script to life from conceptualization all the way to realization. Along the way each student will develop specific techniques and skills necessary for their area of aptitude, thereby developing into highly trained team members that can contribute to this production, future productions, and other future endeavors. The MEF Grant will help cover the necessary costs for the production, giving all students the best possible production experience.
    Tom Mackey, Merrillville High School, Grades 9-12, 50+ students, $458.00

  4. Utilizing Technology to Empower Student Learners
    The project Utilizing Technology to Empower Student Learners is designed to engage Merrillville High School students in computational thinking and give equitable technological access to all learners. The project will modernize all physics classes for decades to come. This project requires the purchases of ten Go Direct Photogate sensors, five timing cables, ten brackets, and three Go Direct Motion sensors from Vernier. The scope of the project is to leverage modern technology throughout multiple experiments and activities to allow students to become independent learners that can swiftly and confidently collect and analyze data. The project will be accessible for all general, dual credit, and AP physics classes and will be used throughout the year, each year. The ultimate goal of the project is to give Merrillville students an advantage at university as well as to increase future employability.
    Tiffany Dillner, Merrillville High School, Grades 11-12, 200 students, $1456.38

  5. Orff Instruments
    Orff Instruments. The activities include playing scales, excerpts from popular songs, and composition activities. Not to mention, the multitude of songbooks, games, and other sheet music that could be purchased in the future to supplement. The main purpose of this project is to add variety to the activities of the music classroom at MIS. As of right now, we are very limited on supplies and what we can do for activities and are heavily relying on our creativity to stretch our resources thin. Not to mention, the fact that it will allow us to further explore an entire portion of our state standards – the “perform” section. We really do not have instruments like these at MIS – ones that allow for this much musicality from a single student and this would be a much-needed addition to our students and curriculum.
    Alex Villalpando, Merrillville Intermediate School, Grade 5, 60+ students, $2000.00

  6. Buzzing Into Learning: Enhancing Engagement with Wireless Game Buzzers
    Teachers today are always looking for ways to incorporate technology into student activities in order to review learning as well as engage students. Using a digital buzzer system while students are engaged in these learning activities is a great way to excite students and encourage them to participate in learning. Wireless buzzers enhance the learning experience by improving student engagement and teamwork skills, which all students need in order to become leaders in the future. We hope to help our students along this journey by providing them with these learning and making learning fun and engaging, ultimately increasing student performance. sing a digital buzzer system while students are engaged in these learning activities is a great way to excite students and encourage them to participate in learning.
    Morgan Vlassopoulos, Wood Elementary School, Grades K-4, 285 students, $740.00

  7. Scholastic News for Student Success
    Third grade teachers at Salk Elementary are asking for funds to purchase Scholastic News and Science Spin to help students with their English/Language Art, Science, and Social Studies Skills. Scholastic News and Science Spin will help students boost their background knowledge, vocabulary skills, and comprehension skills through nonfiction articles that have both current and past events. Also, the articles and activities are aligned to state standards which will help students strengthen their skills within the classroom and on state testing.
    Rose Matthews, Salk Elementary School, Grade 3, 110 students, $876.04

  8. Soaring into Success with the Science of Reading (SOR)
    Increased understanding of neurobiology and technological advances have allowed researchers to understand how reading develops in the brain and the skills that contribute to proficient reading. This new and different approach to literacy instruction is the foundation and stepping stone of the Science of Reading. Working ahead of Indiana mandates, Merrillville School Corporation has already started taking steps in this direction. An important element of this approach is daily, interactive, “hands on” practice. Our main purpose in requesting this grant is to not only provide our students with essential tools, but also help them build their literacy foundation. Helping our kids build a solid phonics foundation is not only practical, it is vital to successful reading comprehension.
    Stacie Anderson, Wood Elementary School, Grades K, 60 students, $700.00

  9. All Staff Professional Development held on November 5, 2024
    The All-Staff Professional Development is a pivotal event that underscores our commitment to the continuous growth and well-being of our staff members. The primary objective is to invest in our staff’s holistic development—nurturing their minds through engaging workshops and sessions, and enriching their spirits through team-building activities and camaraderie. By providing our staff with resources, tools, and opportunities for growth, we aim to empower them to excel in their roles and positively impact our students’ lives. With your generous support, we can make this day truly impactful, empowering our staff to thrive professionally and personally. We believe that investing in our staff today will yield dividends in the form of empowered educators and enriched learning experiences for our students tomorrow.
    Steven Kerr and Dr. Marnita Taylor, Merrillville Staff, Grades K-12, $500.00

TOTAL ROUND 43 GRANTS:  $7,948.28

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