MEF Round 22 Awarded Grants – March, 2013

Round 22 Grants – March, 2013

  1. Introduction to Robotics.
    The purpose of this initiative is to excite students in the field of Robotics.  Robotics is the premier vehicle for hands-on delivery of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts to students.  Students build problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.  This will in turn increase student’s learning, especially since the common core standards now include Robotics.  We would like to create a club for students allowing them to create a multitude of models.  We need educational sets and software.  
    Fieler,Grades 3 and 4, 24 students, Lauren  Steele, $1529.54

  2. Modeling Molecules.
    Modeling Molecules  provides  cross-cutting, hands-on STEM activities to diverse students in Biology.  Working in collaborative groups and given simple rules, students will construct basic organic molecules.  Students would construct their own understanding of how atoms form molecules, where energy is stored in a molecule, the characteristics and role of water in the metabolism of organic molecules, the role of organic molecules in diet, and many other items.
    High School, Grades 9-10, 600 students, Patricia Robison, $1824.85

  3. Freshmen Mentoring
    This project guides students through the difficult transition from middle school to high school through mentor-led seminars and mentor-mentee relationships.  The mentors consist of juniors and seniors trained to communicate at seminars and build a relationship with their assigned freshmen.  The activities of the program involve mentor training day at Notre Dame for 98 mentors, freshmen orientation day, workshops for all mentors a seek before seminars, seminars with the freshmen, and a celebration Day for the freshmen.  The total expenses are $4550. 
    MHS, Grades 9-12, 600 students, Rae Lopez, $1500


TOTAL ROUND 22 GRANTS:  $4,854.39

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