MEF Round 15 Awarded Grants – December, 2009

Round 15 Grants – December, 2009

1.  Leveled Reading
Principals from the five combined elementary schools propose funding for additional reading.   Instead of receiving 50 applications Grants would be divided among the five elementaries for K-4.  We will be accountable to MEF as to what was purchased and how it is aligned with our Literacy Framework.  Data walls in each building will monitor student progress.  This will be shared with MEF at the end of each semester. 
Iddings, Wood, Salk, Miller, Fieler, $8,750.00, 2500 students, K-4

2.  Unifix Cubes for Mrs. Wright’s Candy Shop.   
Unifix cubes will be used to teach “Candy Shop,” an inquiry math unit that teaches place value, two digit addition and subtraction, and problem-solving skills.  They learn to place their candy in rolls, or towers of ten unifex cubes, thus learning to add and subtract.  Success will be measured by unit’s tests and quizzes.  Also, success will show in math assessment and quarterly tests. 
Salk, Rachel Miller, Grade 1, 25 students, $248.37.

3.  Mathematicians Needing Manipulatives
Students will use Unifex Cubes as in Grant 3 as well as Arithmetic Rack as visual tools for manipulation.  They must explain their results.  This would involve less paper work and more hands-on activities. 
Salk, Barb Law, Grade 2, 50 students, $639.92.

4.  Listen Up!
The Balanced Literacy Approach to Reading Instruction has been introduced at Wood in 2009-10.  Training has been made possible through the LASS Grant.  Balanced Literacy follows the scientific research that includes the five essential components of reading that children must be taught in order to learn to read.  These are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension.  This project will allow students to practice to improve fluency, vocab development, and comprehension through listening station activities.  The stations have already been purchased.  This grant will include new materials.  A number of assessment tools will be used including DIBELS scores and ISTEP. 
Wood, Mary Hoffman, Grades K-4, 330 students, $1,801.51

This project is designed to give students and parents an opportunity to engage in non-traditional mathematics and language arts activities that focus on the Middle School curriculum, the Indiana Academic Standards , and ISTEP.  Ten interactive mathematics activities and 10 interactive language arts activities will be selected so that students and parents will be able to actively participate.  All students at Pierce will be invited to participate in the ISTEP Learning Circle Night.  Sample activities include 6 Traits of Writing, Video Clips of TV shows (plot), Newspapers, Poetry Books, Graphing Techniques Using M&Ms, 3-D Geography with Marshmallows and Toothpicks, Fractions with Tangrams, Solving Integer Problems with Playing Cards, and Origami.  The ISTEP Learning Circle Nights will be February 3, February 24, March 31, and April 21 from 5-7PM. 
Pierce, Marnita Taylor, 7th and 8th Grade students, 1000 students, $3,000

6.  ESL Enhancement.  
This funding will purchases the Tag System, Crammer Study and sound system, and supplemental DVD’s all produced by Leap Frog Learning Company.  These materials will serve to improve the range of language acquisition activities available to English language learners and enhance their learning.  This will ultimately result in improved performance on ISTEP and LAS Links’ exams.  
Iddings, Lindsay Sperling, K-4, 40 students, $303.75


TOTAL ROUND 15 GRANTS:  $14,743.55

Grant 1 was increased by $3500 to compensate for six grant applications for individual classroom leveled reading which we did not fund.

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