Grant Spotlight – The Mindfulness Project

The Mindfulness Project

Toni Blaszczyk, Nancy Fleming – Miller School – 400 students – $708.35

Round 30 for Spring 2017; implemented in Fall 2017

The Mindfulness Project classroom will teach children how to build self-awareness, effectively handle their emotions, and empathetically manage their relationships. Self-awareness to students lead to social and emotional regulation. When students can effectively manage their emotions, they learn to identify feelings and emotions and how to handle situations or problems in a positive and effective manner. Empathetically managing their relationships will help reduce conflicts between students that result in a decrease in discipline referrals leading to less in-school and out-of-school suspensions. Students that are present and aware, are more productive and perform better academically.

We would like to thank the Merrillville Education Foundation for the grant that funded “The Mindfulness Project. Our Mindfulness room is open to all students and staff to use as needed. This room has been very beneficial for calming students that have anger issues, high anxiety, ADD, and ADHD. In time, we believe that the mindful room will aid in helping our students to learn how to self-regulate their own emotions and focus. It is our hope that our students and staff will use their mindful practice daily. Staff and student resources on yoga lessons, mindful breathing, guided meditation practice, guided mindfulness scripts, relaxation music, and art therapy are provided. We will continue to add to our room as needed. Miller students and staff receive a Mindful Minute lesson and practice every Monday over the intercom to help get their week started on a positive note, which helps guide their practice for the week. We are very grateful to the MEF for giving us the resources to help fund “The Mindful Project” at Edgar L. Miller School.


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