Grant Spotlight – Intro to Industrial Engineering through Theme Park Development

Introduction to Industrial Engineering through Theme Park Development

Zella Garron, MHS, Ninth Grade, 75 students, $499.99

Round 28 for Fall, 2015; implemented in Spring, 2016

The introduction to Industrial Engineering through Theme Park Development STEM Project initiative will expose students to some of the intricate behind-the-scenes production cost and science-related influences of theme parks so that they can become a different type of consumer and determine for themselves if the value of admission cost and it scientific impact is fair. They will gain exposure in writing a business plan, estimating cost, projecting income based upon multiple variables while experiencing hands-on application of science, technology, engineering, and math in an area which they are the traditional consumers.

The students have had a wonderful experience learning the history and planning of amusements parks.  They are still planning their group amusement parks and were surprised to learn that even a simple thing such as a parking space can cost more than $2,000 per space.



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