Current Grant Applications

The Merrillville Education Foundation, Inc. is committed to being the primary private sector partner in supporting public education where public funds are not available in the Merrillville Community School Corporation. This will be accomplished by providing grants for programs that encourage educational innovation, promote excellence, and create educational opportunities for students.

Two rounds of grants per year are offered to teachers based on innovative and creative approaches to learning in the classroom.

Round 34 is the current round of grants that will fund innovative projects for the Fall Semester of 2019.

  • Deadline for Round 34 grant proposals is Thursday, April 18, 2019.
  • Notification of Round 34 Grant Awards will be on or about Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

Applications should be emailed only to:

Download complete grant application materials in your preferred format:

Round 34 Fall 2019 Grant Applications
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Latest Grant News

Grant Spotlight – Crazy Traits

Using "Crazy Traits" kits, purchased via a Merrillville Education Foundation grant, students developed a model for how probability influences genetic variation. They discovered how genetically diverse the population can be even with just 14 traits.

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